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Tomcat Deployment : The requested resource [/jri/] is not available #17


I've tried a fresh install of JasperReportsIntegration using the latest version on the following build:

CentOS 7
Oracle XE 18c
Apex 20.1
Ords 19
Tomcat 9.0.39

And I get the following error message when trying to execute the webapp in step 2.5 of the installation guide. This is displayed when I navigate to [Host]:8080/jri

HTTP Status 404 – Not Found
Type Status Report
Message The requested resource [/jri/] is not available
Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

In my I have the parameter infoPageIsEnabled=true set which I believe is correct to see the configuration info page.

My Apex served by Ords through Tomcat works fine so I assume I've messed something on the deployment of JRI somewhere.

Any thoughts on trying to debug my mistake would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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glenpalmer · Author

Hmmm, ok so a fresh install seems to have cleared the issue :-)

I did however slightly change how I defined the Environment Variable, this time I used the web.xml approach as defined in section:

2.2 Configure the setting in the web.xml file of the jri.war file

One other thing I had to change was the connection settings as documented in section:

2.3 Configure your database access

I'm using xe18c and have Apex and JRI installed in a pluggable database, so I altered the JDBC connection string to point to my PDB service name XEPDB1 using / instead of : in the string.

I changed the JDBC URL from:







as far as I understand there is a problem with SID and SERVICE_NAME. :... is a SID while /... is a service_name.
It might help to tell the listener to ignoere the difference: add a line in listener.ora: USE_SID_AS_SERVICE_listener=on where listener is to be replaced by the name of the listener (which is by default listener)


Hi @sellexx-stephan,

while this is correct and true, I would rather suggest to fully understand the proper syntax for Oracle jdbc urls:

Else, this specific setup might be confusing / non-transparent and not easy to share, because you also need to make the corresponding change in another file. And also, it is good to comprehend it fully ... you might need it in other places (e.g. sqlcl) as well :).