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Tomcat Deployment : The requested resource [/jri/] is not available #17

glenpalmer · · author


I've tried a fresh install of JasperReportsIntegration using the latest version on the following build:

CentOS 7
Oracle XE 18c
Apex 20.1
Ords 19
Tomcat 9.0.39

And I get the following error message when trying to execute the webapp in step 2.5 of the installation guide. This is displayed when I navigate to [Host]:8080/jri

HTTP Status 404 – Not Found
Type Status Report
Message The requested resource [/jri/] is not available
Description The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

In my I have the parameter infoPageIsEnabled=true set which I believe is correct to see the configuration info page.

My Apex served by Ords through Tomcat works fine so I assume I've messed something on the deployment of JRI somewhere.

Any thoughts on trying to debug my mistake would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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glenpalmer · · author

Hmmm, ok so a fresh install seems to have cleared the issue :-)

I did however slightly change how I defined the Environment Variable, this time I used the web.xml approach as defined in section:

2.2 Configure the setting in the web.xml file of the jri.war file

One other thing I had to change was the connection settings as documented in section:

2.3 Configure your database access

I'm using xe18c and have Apex and JRI installed in a pluggable database, so I altered the JDBC connection string to point to my PDB service name XEPDB1 using / instead of : in the string.

I changed the JDBC URL from: