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JRI-Behaviour about compiling or not depending on whether only *.jasper, only *.jrxml or both type of files are in directory reports

Hello Dietmar Aust,

we were used to drop both, *.jasper and *.jrxml files, into the directory ...\reports where JRI does expect them. Since using JRI 2.7.0 sometimes error messages come up:

(Windows Server 2012, tomcat 9.0.44, java 16, ...

IP-Adress limitation

some more feedback:
I had some difficulty about how to find the correct IP-Address to be put in file, Parameter ipAddressesAllowed. This happened in an installation where both, the Oracle-DB and JRI, are on the same machine.

The ...

Tomcat Deployment : The requested resource [/jri/] is not available

Hello,as far as I understand there is a problem with SID and SERVICE_NAME. :... is a SID while /... is a service_name.It might help to tell the listener to ignoere the difference: add a line in listener.ora: USE_SID_AS_SERVICE_listener=on where listener is...

Script user_remove probably misses XLIB_JASPERREPORTS_IMG

Hi Dietmar Aust,

just that you know: it looks like XLIB_JASPERREPORTS_IMG is missing in both lists of object_names in script user_remove.

IP-Adress limitation

Thank you for your update.

Now what does the 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 in the last line of the block mean? It does not look like an IP address.

IP-Adress limitation

in the file ...\conf\ are two parameters for ip adress limitation:

see excerpt of code:this parameter is limiting access to the integration for thespecified list of ip addresses, e.g.:ipAddre...

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