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Direct printing from JRI and Apex #21

miki720 · · author


how to print directly to printer?
I have set p_print_enabled to true in parameters and configuration file, but I suppose that problem is in not knowing default printer name on client.
If that is the reason, how to obtain this information in Apex or JRI?

xlib_jasperreports.show_report (
p_rep_name => apex_util.url_encode('somereport'),
p_data_source => apex_util.url_encode('default'),
p_print_is_enabled => true,
p_print_printer_name => ''
p_print_duplex => true

I am using:
JRI 2.6.2-6.15.0
Tomcat 9.0

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Dietmar Aust daust · · moderators

Hi @miki720 ,

direct printing will send the document to a printer that is CONNECTED TO THE APPLICATION SERVER, not the client browser.

In order to see the names that are known to the application server, go to the Tomcat directly: http://vm1:8080/jri/

Then click on "Printer Diagnostics"

Greenshot 2021-02-24 12.07.59.png

This will open the next page: http://vm1:8080/jri/printerDiagnostics.jsp

Here you can see the names of the printers:

Greenshot 2021-02-24 12.09.20.png


miki720 · · author

Thank you for explanation Dietmar and thank you for your awesome JRI :)