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Replace all link targets in markdown ast #6



first thank you for this library! I never used pegdown or flexmark before, so this is probably a stupid question…. I'd like to parse a markdown document and then change all links to some other url. I tried using a NodeVisitorBase and doing for example ((InlineLinkNode) n).setUrl("...") (I probably need to check for other node types, too), but when I then use the formatter to convert the ast back to markdown it is not changed. I want it being changed in the resulting html and markdown source. Unfortunately I can not figure out how to do this. Do I have to use some other component?

Thank you and kind regards

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@eikek, it is a bit convoluted because each node keeps track of the source position and each node text part. I am making a new release that cleaned up the link related nodes to make your use case implementation easier.

The new release is coming shortly which includes a sample that modifies URLs with a node visitor and a formatter for output.


@vsch thank you very much! I see the example is exactly what I want. Going to try it soon :) Thanks again!


You are welcome.

Your use case was not addressed by the library and was a good reason for some cleanup.

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