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Version 153 not display all file info on some tracks

Version 153 does not seem to be displaying all the file info for some tracks in the file info panel

I seem the same issue on both php verion 7.3 and version 8.0

at first I thought it was only flac files but some mp3s alos do not display all...


Updated to version 1.52 Personalised Radio Does Not find any tracks


I have just updated from version 1.48 to version 1.52

installed php-intl extension

I backed up my rompr folder, deleted everything in it, then restored my albumart and prefs folders

then unzipped version 1.52 into it

then restart...


Display Comment Tag from tracks

Would it be possible to display the contents of the comment tag somewhere whilst a track is playing ?

Perhaps a little track block similar to the format or collection information blocks


Using curl to update albums

In the albums.php code there is a note about how to use curl to update the album

giving this example

curl -b "currenthost=Default;player_backend=mpd" http://localhost/rompr/albums.php?rebuild > /dev/null

but a command based on this does not wo...


Missing Album art

Could you explain in simple terms how rompr picks local album art

I have just under 2000 albums in my library all of which have a folder.jpg file in the folder for the album

but rompr is unable to find art for 679 of them

on disc the fol...


Filters for personalised radio


just getting started using mopidy and Rompr so apologies if these are silly questions

I usually use Kodi to play my music, but I have been unable to get it to start without a monitor on particular ubuntu server (normally use the libree...