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Open Shell 4.4.126 #4


Open Shell 4.4.126 is this part of this group or is someone else working on Classic Shell on there own. Most of GitHub is way over my head especially finding my way around the different part of this particular project
Open-Shell 4.4.126 ( Classic-Start rebranded ) This is the link I downloaded this version from

Is this a legitimate release to the public or just an intermediate still in progress?

I can't find a place to comment on the results of my install So I'll put my thoughts here. It took awhile to figgue out how to get this release the link posted on windows 10 form had the 2 links together which lead nowhere, then I deleted one of the two links and 4.4.126 just downloaded. This makes me a little nervous however I have good back up images on this machine so I just click install.exe WD complained that it was an unknown and could be dangerous I said to install anyway. Norton said the program was oK and Malwarebytes had no complaint or notice at all.
I did not uninstall Classic Start I also did not back up my settings. So the install went fine and ended up with Open Shell install with default setting. So I resored my backup setting XML from Classic Sheel and The setting that I use were restored. There may be some setting that did not restore I haven't found them yet. I will say that I don't have classic Shell hightly configured just a few setting that got me pretty much where I was with Windows 7
So I check Programs and Features Classic Start was not there and Open Shell is there
So I check Programs files 86, I found no Classic Start or Open Sheel there
So I check Program flies and there is Open shell, no Classic Start.
So far as I can tell I have no issues.
This particular Computer Z97 Pro Motherboard was upgraded from 8.1 Pro to 10 Pro years ago. I am updated to 1803 17134.191

If there is a better place to comment on this version of Classic Shell now Open Shell please leave me a link.

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I got Classic-Start version 4.4.109 from this link... (ClassicStartSetup_4_4_109.exe)

It is showing in C/Panel as 'Classic Start'. It loaded the settings I'd saved from the old Classic Shell

Edited to add......
Ah, I see the page above has been renaned "Open-Shell (Formerly Classic-Start) 4.4.126", new name/new version.