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Problem using Open Shell to open Excel workbooks #20


I've run in to a weird problem using Open Shell under Windows 10. One can have Microsoft Excel load files, such as PERSONAL.xlsb, located in a designated folder (XLSTART) when it starts. I have shortcuts to some Excel workbooks pinned to C:\Users{My computer name}\AppData\Roaming\OpenShell\Pinned\Docs.

If I have one Excel workbook open and then open another by clicking on the shortcut in the Open Shell menu I get a window saying

"PERSONAL.xlsb is locked for editing by '{me}'. Open 'Read-Only' or click 'Notify' to open read-only and receive notification when the document is no longer in use."

at which point both the desired workbook and a completely blank workbook are opened. Vice versa also occurs: If I've opened one workbook using the Open Shell menu and then open another workbook directly, I get the same problem.

If I go to the above location (...\Pinned\Docs) using a file browser and double-click the shortcut, there is no problem.

In short, if I've opened one workbook using Open Shell and another directly, or v.v., I get the problem, otherwise I don't.

Can anyone offer any help? Thanks.

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