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Larger search box text than main text #13

bonzibudd · · author


I've been working on a new classic variant of my skin recently. It's been fun to play around with the different options, I've even experimented with tiles.

This question probably applies to both the classic and 7-style menus though. I noticed that if I set the search hint font to a larger size than the main, it gets chopped off at the bottom. It also seems like this doesn't affect the text that you enter in to the box itself. I am curious if you can overcome this with some text I don't know about, I tried some things which I thought would work, but they had no effect.

Also, thanks for the help with the skins in the past couple months :)

If this site ends up being worse than the other, I can switch back. It seems like this one has better formatting tools though.

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This reminds me of the exact same problem I've had years ago trying to port a skin with different fonts.
Did not work out.
Yeah, looks like it uses the main font for the entry text.
I guess Ivo just put in code for the search hint font mainly to use for the normal and italic function.
If the font does not match, it's like there is a boundary that cuts off the text,
(kind of like how the user name can get cut off if the username_positions are too small).
I couldn't figure out the proper text font to use just for the entry text. Maybe there isn't one?
I never asked Ivo about it.
I see there is "Search_underline_font" in the SkinManager.h file, but don't see anything like Search_box_font,
so we are out of luck unless ge0rdi can figure a way to make the text window bigger or put in code for a separate font.

bonzibudd · · author

Ok, thanks for the reply. That's about what I expected, since the search box does seem to have some very specific limits. I might make a feature request for it, but it's not really a big deal right now.