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is it possible to do planning for a point robot via Klampt?

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muk465 commented on Dec 5, 2021

Hi guys I want to plan a path for a point robot using rrt on a 3d image(3d numpy array) is it possible to do this using klampt? because when i was reading documentation i got the feeling that...


Is it possible to get TCP position if manipulator joint values are known? (Repost from Git Issues)

qwasko1212 asks:

I need to convert robot joint rotations to Cartesian coordinates of the TCP.

joints: [val, val, val, val, val, val] → Cartesian coordinates: [x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw]

The idea of this task is to compare real robot position wit...


Welcome to the Klamp't discussion group

Hi folks, my students and I have had several one-on-one discussions about various issues and questions regarding Klamp't. It would be a great idea for all of the discussions and answers to be available in one place so that questions and answers can be cr...