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idle and control_loop function in Simulation #8


In GLRealtimeProgram class, there is a function named idle and control_loop. However, idle is called at 50 Hz but control_loop is never called. Controller has higher rate than 50 Hz, how to set controller at higher rate?

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Quote from Kris' reply

idle() is called whenever your program is idle, and will handle simulation + GUI redrawing. control_loop() is just a convenient place to put control code, specifically (for example, if you want to switch your code to do command-line simulation). If you don't call control_loop in idle(), then it won't be called.

One tip: if you switch to using GLSimulationPlugin as your superclass, the simStep method automatically calls control_loop. You can step through the program with [space], toggle simulation on and off using 's', and you don't have to override idle.