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'NoneType' object has no attribute 'animation' / 'animate' #53



using klampt for visualizing a simple path, suddenly (literally, yesterday it has worked) vis.animate() does not work. Python tells me that 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'animation' or function 'animate'. Code is mostly Copy&Paste from the Klamp't Manual.

... from klamp import vis
planner = robotplanning.plan_to_config(world, robot, qgoal)
path = planner.getPath()

traj = trajectory.Trajectory(milestones=path)
traj_timed = trajectory.path_to_trajectory(traj, vmax=2, amax=4)

vis.animate("point", traj_timed)

I've checked, PyQt5 is installed ("All requested packages are installed"), GULP, too. It is like it's somehow does not know what vis is.
The funny fact is that when I write "vis.a" he recognizes animate().
Is there something I missed?

Thanks for help.

PS: klampt is amazing, really see the possibilities using it at this early stage already!


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