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How to \altering the draw distance for klampt vis module #30


I'm currently using the klampt vis module to generate some 3D plots of my results in my project. However, the default draw distance of the module culls a part of my geometries. Is there a simple way to alter the draw distance of a visualization?

Thank you!

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joaomcm · Author

The author provided me with a simple solution to this problem.

In python, you can simply acquire the viewport, change its clipping planes and set it as the visualization's viewport again - like so:

vp = vis.getViewport()
vp.clippingplanes = [dmin,dmax]

where dmin is the minimum drawing distance and dmax is the maximum drawing distance. Setting dmax to be high (say 10000) basically eliminates the culling due to distance!

Thank you!