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Installation #23



I've been followed the installation tutorial but I don't what I am supposed to do after it.
Klamp't appears as installed in my computer and I've already used the API and some demos, but I don't know how to use things like RobotTest or URDFtoRob.


As you can see, it is installed, but what am I supposed to do now? Just type ./RobotTest and the path to the file.

I'm really sorry for bother you with this simple question, but the manual is not clear about how to start using it, It just says to install run Klamp’t installer and nothing else. I don't if I should look for an icon and click, open a folder and then run the command.

I have all the required programs installed.

I will be really thankful if you could help me.

And Congratulations for the amazing tool. I hope to able to use as soon as possible.

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First, please understand that Klampt is not an “app” but is rather a robot development library and toolkit. You will need to have a reasonable idea of what you’d like to use it for (run a simulation, control a robot, measure the quality of designs) in order to make full use of its capabilities.

Second, to develop effectively you will need to do a lot of work with the command prompt, along with some IDE. Python IDLE is ok to start. Jupyter notebook is another good option.

Third, you should look at the Klampt-examples repository for ideas of how to implement various things in Klampt. Klampt/Python/demos is a good place to start.