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When will next minor release be #9


I'm planning to upgrade from Kohana to Koseven but got trouble with mcrypt. I managed to install mcrypt but got deprecated-message. Then when I googled around I found that you had fixed this by replacing mcrypt with sodium and I saw that it was merged.

The reason for why I'm in a bit of a hurry is that my colleague that has developed on this system for over ten years will quit in a month and would be nice to put my upgrade into production before he quits so that he and I both can debug afterwards if anything goes wrong.

So, to my question. Are you planning a minor release soon?

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Chema neo22s · · moderators


Minor release it's not in our roadmap unless we find a big security issue, they (doing almost nothing currently) are working hard on 4.0.

You can replace mcrypt with openssl in the config directly ;)


Okay, I read on that minor releases will be released about once every fourth month. But I guess that's not the case anymore then.