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Queue set to consume always? #7

gerroon · · author


I am not sure but it seems like when I replace the current queue with a new playlist, the queue is set to consume (mopidy/Mpd). I keep clearing it but it does not seem to remember it. Is this intentional?

COnsume kind of makes sense with regular media playlist but not so sexy with online radio listings.


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When you say 'replace the queue with a new playlist' what do you mean? The 'Consume' button simply reflects what the player is telling me. The only time I set consume to On intentionally is when you are playing personalised radio. Do you still have a personalised radio station running (it'll show at the top of the Queue with an 'x' next to it). If you

gerroon · · author

I am using Cd mode with single click, so when I click on a playlist, it replaces the current queue. And when that happens the mode is set to consume.

I just tested with Mpd again. I made sure that Mpd's queue is set to "Consume Off" in ncmpcpp, in Rompry I clicked on a .m3u The current queue is set to consume.


OK, I can reproduce that. That is definitely a bug. I have no idea what is going on there, I'll look into it.

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