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Add support for MPD readpicture command #63

Primare44 · · author

Please add support for embedded album art (MPD readpicture command, supported from MPD 0.22).

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Primare44 · · author

If Rompr and MPD is on the same computer, yes. But I have Rompr running on a seperate computer to maximize the SQ on my "Audio PC" (minimize the number on running process).
Are Rompr uses the MPD readpicture command now? or some other method?
Is there a way to way to read a shared music folder on the MPD computer? (I have the music folder shared with smb)


Dealing with binary data in MPD is horrible but if I can get it to work I'll add support for readpicture to the next release.

Primare44 · · author

Thanks :thumbsup: