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Is it possible to add "is not" to rating drop down in personalized radio? #62

tljohnsn · · author

Currently the rating drop down supports only:
Is less than
Is equal to
Is greater than

It is possible to have "is not"
For example choosing and setting to 1 could play songs with no rating as well as 2-5 stars.

Currently setting to <1 or =0 will not choose songs with no rating.

I use one star to mark things that I never want to hear again.


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That is a crazy and unusual use case. I like it. I'll put it in the next release.

tljohnsn · · author

Thanks for adding this. I tried it out, but I didn't get any songs with no rating in the queue when setting to "is not = 1"



That's correct. "Rating is not 1" means "Rating is set to something that isn't one. Tracks with no Rating have exactly that - No Rating - so they won't match this filter because Rating is not set to anything. (There's no such thing as Rating = 0).

Seems to me that what you actually want is a "Tracks must not match any of these rules" and then set "Rating = 1". I'll have a look at that.


Try 1.59.1. I modded it so it now should behave like you want, since that does feel like the most sensible way.

tljohnsn · · author

Thank you much, that is working great.