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Sort by Composer on Music Collection #60

evb62 · · author


First let me say that RompR is wonderful! I'm running RompR on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspberry Pi OS, mpd latest release, and Apache).

I could not find an answer for this, so here goes. I would like to 'Use Composer as Sort Artist' for the following genres: Classical, Classic and Baroque. I tried separating those genre names with commas, but it did not work. It just ignored "Baroque" and "Classic" music files, and sorted by composer on "Classical" music files.

Short of retagging Baroque and Classic to 'Classical', is there any other way to do this? Thanks!

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Firstly make sure there aren't any spaces around between the commas.

Secondly, any change you make to that list requires you to rebuild the Music Collection to take effect. I know that's not entirely clear :)

Note that the end result is that any tracks that are moved to new Artists as a result of this will lose any tags, ratings, and playcounts they may already have. Sorry about that, but it's the way it's designed.

If that still doesn't work then it's a bug.

evb62 · · author

Thank you, Mark. I was leaving a space after each comma, that was my error. I actually went to check the source code, but my lack of knowledge prevented me from finding the answer. About rebuilding and clearing ratings and things, that's perfectly fine!


Glad it's working. I really should cope with spaces in that parameter though, that's just lazy :) I'll try and remember to fix that.