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403 error with nginx on Linux Mint #50

gwmatthews · · author

After following your installation and configuration instructions for linux and nginx I keep getting "403 access forbidden" when attempting to browse to http://localhost/rompr.

It is likely a simple fix but I have little experience running web servers!

My php version is 7.4 and I have a reasonably fresh install of linux mint 20.1 using mpd as the music server.


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These are always annoying. The message is telling you that something doesn't have permission to access something. Most likely nginx doesn't have read permission on the directory where rompr is, or you haven't configured the correct path to php-fpm. The nginx error log should have more info.

gwmatthews · · author

Thanks for the response!

It was a permissions error with nginx since localhost alone was giving a 403 response as well.

After some more web searching I found a solution:

sudo chmod 755 /var/www

And PS, looks fantastic so far!

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