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Uhmmmmm Chromium/Epiphany browsers show no content :) #5

gerroon · · author


I am trying to try Rompr with Chromium/Iridium and Epiphany on Debian but all I get is menus with no content whatsoever. All three behaves the same but I have no problem on phone using Chromium on my phone and Waterfox on Desktop. Although, I already used these with 1.10, I wonder if that has anything thing to do with it.

I tried changing settings, setting different mpd instances, no fix. My mpd instances definetely work because I can access those from other browsers.

Please see the screen shot.


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gerroon · · author


This is not a Chrome issue. It seems like first time opening Rompr in any browser brings this empty page. This must have been an issue with the upgrade from 1.10 to 1.15 :(

I copied albumart and pref folders to upgrade. Did I miss any steps for the upgrade? I even ran rompr?setup


This was a bug in 1.15. I released 1.15.5 to fix this :)