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RompR include in a <iframe> #48

FamilieP · · author

Hello all,

I have a problem with the RompR webplayer.

I have the player fully running on a Raspberry 4 b, an MPD and an Apache2.

When I start the webplayer normally via the browser I can fully operate everything and everything runs wonderfully.

The call is done as follows my local:

But if I try to integrate the webplayer in an iframe I only get the following picture - see picture and I can't use anything anymore, because the info window dominates everything and on the left and right the selection of media / radio stations and the current playlist doesn't work.

webplayer inner iframe.png

Therefore now my question, what do I have to consider when embedding the webplayer in an iframe, am I missing any additional html options here or specific options for setting the iframe?

The call within the iframe is currently the very simple following: iframe> src=""></iframe

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot.

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I'll be very surprised if it works in an iframe. The browser's built in security will probably prevent any of the javascript from running. You could try looking at the browser's console output but I reckon you're wasting your time.