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How to check if Last.FM Playcount Importer realy imports? #41

jimydirektsaft · · author

Hi, if I start the importer on a fresh rompr installation it tooks approximately 7-8 hours to query for playcounts.

One thing makes me a bit suspicious. Every time I returned to the screen during the 7-8 hours I saw that found "0" plays for the requested tracks.

After the import has finished I looked at My Top 40 but the info panel does not open - there is no data available, I thought by myself. I played 4 tracks from my library and "My Top 40" lists them.

I expected that imports would be reflected in the My Top 40 info panel.
My question is: is there any way to tell if the import has imported anything?

Today I made a log from the first seconds of a import session that I'll paste here.

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If it's showing 0 plays for the requested tracks then that's why they're not in your top 40. I'm simply asking how many times you've scrobbled that track and is telling me '0 times'. I suggest you check to see if you have any Scrobbles (and is Rompr logged in to

jimydirektsaft · · author

Hello, yes - I've a lot of scrobbles and rompr is logged in to

I made a test:

  • made a new music folder with one album and configured rompr and mopidy accordingly
  • played some tracks and made sure that received scrobbles
  • reset rompr database and configuration and re-build the local collection
  • logged in to with rompr, enabled logging (lvl 7) and started the import
    => unfortunately no playcounts for the album are imported, reported a playcount of "0" for every track

Please find the log here


There is no 'username' field in any of the Last.FM requests, so it's no wonder it is reporting 0.

Check your Last.FM username is present in the Preferences of RompR and that he button next to it says 'Logout'. If both those are true, click the Logout button and then log back in again. Something has gone wrong with the saving of the Last.FM preferences. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

jimydirektsaft · · author

Thank you for your kind reply, that helped.

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