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Insane memory use with Waterfox (FF 56) #4

gerroon · · author


I have started using Rompr recently and I like it a lot both on Mobile and the Desktop, but one thing that seems to be an issue with regular use is the insane memory bloating whith Waterfox (Firefox 56). I will try with other browsers too later.

Basically everytime I start Rompr in the browser, Waterfox starts using insane amounts of memory in like 20 mins. It goes up to %75 of my ram (8 gb). I end up needing to kill the whole waterfox session and restart again. And it starts eating up huge room quickly within the next session.

Normally Waterfox will stay around %20-%25 with multiple tabs for days, if it is open. So this is definetely happenign only when Rompr is open.

I am not a dev so I do not know how to debug this, but does this sound normal? I was able to repeat this multiple times.


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I develop Rompr mainly in Firefox and I've never noticed this happening. It certainly doesn't sound normal. I'm using Firefox version 60 on macOS though. Perhaps it's an issue with version 56? This computer has been up for 3 weeks and Firefox is using normal amounts of RAM.

I have seen Firefox completely grind a recent Ubuntu machine to a halt just by trying to load its own start page, so I do suspect that there may be a Firefox/Linux issue going on here rather than a Rompr one, but I'll monitor mine carefully and see if I notice anything strange.


Also, let mw know which skin and theme you're using, which version of Rompr (I just released 1.15), which Info panels you're using, mpd or mopidy, listening to local file or radio or podcasts - just general usage stuff so I can focus my attentions towards that.

gerroon · · author

I am using dark skin, with Mpd, and I believe all the skin stuff is default.

I will test it out with Chromium later.

gerroon · · author

I just tested the mem issue with Waterfox on Windows (original post was the linux version). It seems to be the same, I open the default page, let it sit there and memory use keeps increasing about 1mb/sec.

Closing the Rompr tab pushes the memory down to the original allocation size and it stays steadily afterwards

Btw how can I tell what version of Rompr I am using? I cant see in the ui and I cant see it in the rompr?setup page.


To find your RompR version use the 'About Rompr' screen, on the plugins menu - (Hamburger Icon above the info Panel on the 'Desktop' skin, 'Vertical Hamburger icon top right on the Phone skin.

I've now tested with Firefox Quantum (version 60) on macOS and Ubuntu and I can't reproduce this problem. Also tested Chrome, Opera, and Safari. I've had Rompr running in Chromium on a machine with 1GB of RAM for 12 hours and it is still using 600MB. If I can't reproduce the problem then it suggests very strongly that this is something to do with Waterfox only. I'll test that later.

I will keep monitoring it anyway, as I'm not saying there definitely isn't a problem with RompR, but if I can't reproduce it there's nothing I can do.

gerroon · · author


Thanks for testiung it out. Doi you mind testing Waterfox actualyl? It is based on Firefox 56, they are not oing the quantum direction. They are trying to keep the old Firefox path.

I tested it Chromium on Windows, the memorry use was generally stable, unlike Waterfox, so not sure.


I'm running it in Waterfox on macOS now. Memory use is stable at 618MB. Actually it has decreased recently.


Well, Waterfox has just caused my Ubuntu Bionic machine, stably up and running for 5 weeks, to reboot itself without warning. I hadn't even got as far as trying RompR on it. I suggest Waterfox is the issue :) I won't be trying it again.

gerroon · · author

Ok thanks for testing.


Final word for tonight, I just did something (in Rompr), not sure what, but suddenly Firefox was using 4GB of RAM... Needs further investigation for sure. Possibly it might have something to do with not having album art and getting into a lopp.

gerroon · · author

Yeah something is fishy with Firefox stuff, all the firefox stuff I have on my system is around 56 like Iceweasel etc and they tend to use alot of ram in the first place. But that kind of huge ram use was what I had experienced with Rompr, I am not using FF clones for Rompr for now.

I have alot of non organized album stuff that is missing album arts. Also I have alot of songs (60k+).