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Use MPD not Mopidy #39

jcarragher · · author

Rompr picked up my test music. I messed with Mopidy and then replaced the test music with the full collection.

Rompr still showed the test music. My efforts to get Modidy to scan the updates worked.

I tried other things but discovered that Mopidy is based on Python 2.7 which will be unsupported in a few months. I therefore purged Modidy.

Once I switched to MPD Rompr took very little time to update the music collection. I didn't need to use 2014 tips to do this via a cron job.

I have exactly what I want now.

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Don't know where you got your copy of Mopidy from but it's at least a year out of date. The latest Mopidy is based on python 3 and works extremely well. It can be a struggle to make it update your music but it does so much more than MPD. I put a lot of effort into working well with Mopidy and always recommend it.

Your problems stem from the fact that you created a collection using MPD and then switched to Mopidy. This is not supported. You would need to recreate your collection from scratch. That's why it didn't work.

jcarragher · · author

Thanks for your advice.

I probably had Rompr working before setting Mopidy up properly but short of starting with a fresh SD card it was mission impossible to get Rompr to update. I had reinstalled Mopidy and Rompr with no success.

I've used the latest Mopidy for the Raspberry Pi and it is using Python 2.7. I could not find a version that uses Python 3. The Modidy extensions I installed are based on Python 3 and were not showing up as available. I did reinstall Mopidy a few times. I think there is an option to build it yourself and that may work.

Using MPD, Rompr updated quickly and intuitively and does what I need.

I realise that Mopidy supports Spotify and other online stuff but my objective is to use Snapcast as a multi-room speaker. Spotify via Rompr/Mopidy plays locally and is just a useless distraction in my case.

Family members like to take over and play music from their phones. They mainly use Spotify. I have setup my "master speaker" Raspberry Pi to act as a Bluetooth speaker and push the audio to Snapserver and therefore all of the multi-room speakers running Snapclient.

I'm getting everything I need using MPD and Rompr so will stick with that.

Congratulations on your great work.

Which distribution are you running? Im running Mopidy on a Pi and it's up to date and using python 3. You need to use Mopidy's own apt archive as described on their site. It plays very nicely with Snapcast if you use the very latest snapcast with alsa loopback, gives you a multiroom spotify player.

In fact thinking about it, with a version of Mopidy that old it's no wonder the Collection didn't update.