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How to import/export playlists? #34


Hello to everybody.
I really like rompr.
Since two years it's my default radio/local music player and it works perfectly on armbian with an orange pi and usb dac.

As I love to play with sbcs the only problem is that I didn't find a way to import/export saved playlists from an old version to a new.
Eg : I plan to reinstall on latest armbian focal (mpd in a newer version) but I'll lost my huge radio collection.
How can we do that please?

Best regards.

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Rompr doesn’t store any playlists, those are all handled by MPD. They will be stored in whatever location is configured in your MPD.conf.


Thanks a lot Mark.

I can't understand i spent too much time in mpd.conf and didn't think at this one.

thanks again for your excellent work on Rompr.

Best regards.

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