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Missing covers #3

gerroon · · author


I think I set this up properly given (did the exact steps in the wiki for Apache) that I am able to play on Mpd and browse from the library etc. The only issue is that I am missing my album covers (mostly cover.jpg or in the files). I put the same media directory for the database in the "automatically download cover" settings, but I am not seeing any affect for gettign my covers in the ui.

I am using

mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.29-MariaDB
Debian Testing x64

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If you're seeing no albums covers at all it suggests a permissions problem. I think there might be an issue where the docs now refer to version 1.14 but that hasn't been released yet (found a last minute problem).

Check that the directories exist:

Check permissions on all those directories. Owner must be 'www-data'.

Check your apache rompr.conf for the upload_tmp_dir setting and ensure it has the full path to rompr/prefs/temp

As a test, try the Album Art manager. Click one of the albums there and see if you can see any Local Images. See if clicking on one of them works.

If nothing works, send a debug log

gerroon · · author


Yeah I was missing those folders. Not sure if the docs mentioned those folders, if they did I am sorry I missed those steps. I seem to start getting some covers. I will start testing it further.

Where is the rompry.conf? I do not find it in the install folder.


No the docs did not mention those folders. I changed the docs ready for a release and then found a problem so there was a short period when the docs were ahead of the released code. Sorry about that. If you're seeing album covers now then everything is fine.