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How to clear & add & play with Mpd? #2

gerroon · · author


I know the default Mpd clients behavior is to queue the songs but I do not enjoy that, I just like to play the song or the album or the media as soon as I click on them. Is this possible with Rompr? At the momenty I need to clear the play list then go back to where Iw as and add the stuff, and it is a bit of hassle to me.


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Yes, you need to enable 'CD Player Mode' in the Configuration panel. This will automatically clear the playlist and start playing an album from the song you choose.

gerroon · · author


That seems to work with my initial test. Thanks for the reply.

gerroon · · author


It looks like this Cd player mode is broken in 1.15 . I tested it with 1.10 it worked as I expected. I upgraded to 1.15 and now clicking a playlist just enters the playlist (click to add + CD mode) in Darkness-Phone theme, and on desktop Darkness-Tablet just queues the playlist.

It seems like the basic Desktop theme works as expected so I assume it it is thr themes that are borked.


I hadn't actually considered using CD player mode with Playlists - (I don't use them myself) but it works as expected with albums in the Music Collection or Folders in the File Browser.

What you're describing is exactly how I would expect it to work with playlists. Clicking the playlist title (on tablet or desktop skins) will queue the entire playlist. If CD player mode is on it will clear the existing queue first. On the Phone skin just click 'Play All' once you've entered the playlist and it will queue the entire playlist, if CD player mode is on it will clear the current queue first.

Investigating this has found a bug there in that if you click on a track in a playlist it will play the album the track is from rather than the playlist. I'll have to look into that.

gerroon · · author

Do you mind testing the "tablet" and the "phone" interfaces in 1.15 to see if the Cd player works as intended? Like I said I was very happy with the Cd mode in 1.10, and it works as expected only in the Desktop theme (among the interfacses I used.

In phone interface, Cd mode+Single click method enters to playlist (which was not the case on 1.10). The tablet mode only queues in Cd mode. I assume some bugs with the 1.15 with these interfaces.


In phone interface, Cd mode+Single click method enters to playlist (which was not the case on 1.10)

Correct. That has changed to make it consistent with the rest of the UI. There is now a 'Play All' button which will play the entire playlist.

The tablet mode only queues in Cd mode

That is not what I'm seeing. Table skin works exactly like the desktop skin, the code for all this is common to all of them anyway. Are you sure CD player mode is actually on? If you've been switching browsers that setting is stored locally in the browser.

gerroon · · author


I use Cd Mode+Single click on devices/browsers.

Please do not get me wrong but I do not get how clicking a playlist enters into the playlist on the phone (skin:Phone) while clicking on a playlist in the desktop (skin:Desktop) plays the playlist right away makes it consistent across the devices?

The desktop mode acts perfect to me, I click on a playlist, it replaces the current queue and it plays it right away whether there active playlist has stuff or not.

On the other hand the phone mode just enters into the playlist and lets me click on a single item, clicking on that single item replaces the current queeu but now there is only a single item in the queue.

Anyway, I personally liked how phone mode acted like the current desktop mode. If that is your design choice, that is fine. I will just go back to 1.10 :)

I also do not see any play all menu item on or next to any plyalist.



It's not consistent across devices, it's consistent within the behaviour on a specific skin. The skins are there to provide different behaviours for the UI so you can choose one you like. The phone skin in particular is designed to be used on small touch screens, therefore it uses a different operating paradigm - one without 'drop-down triangles'.

It is a touch-oriented UI. Therefore to enter a menu one must click on the title for that menu. If you notice, the behaviour is the same for Albums, Directories, Radio Stations, and Playlists - clicking on them all enters a menu, whereas in Desktop clicking on them adds them to the play queue. That's how the phone skin is supposed to work.

In the phone skin, click on the playlist like you describe to 'enter into the playlist'. 'Play All' is right there at the top under the playlist name, above the list of tracks. This exists on the phone skin, and the phone skin only, precisely because the skin behaves in a different way from desktop.

If you want a skin on your phone that behaves the same as the desktop skin, use Tablet, that's what it is for. Tablet skin in 1.15 is identical to Phone skin in 1.10. I simply renamed it, there have been no changes to the way it works.

Also remember that you must switch CD player mode to ON in every browser on every device you use - it is not a global setting. The behaviour you are describing for the phone skin sounds like what it would do with CD Player mode OFF

gerroon · · author


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate that you take the time to explain and be patient.

I folllowed your suggestion, and I am using tablet one. The tablet one was not fitting on my phone screen well on 1.10 I believe, so I did not think about trying it again.

Tablet skin+Cd mode+Single click = Happy Puppy

My playlists are all auto generated daily, so I never need to enter, modify choose, etc from playlist, all I was loking for a click to play them and I have it.


gerroon · · author


I think that there is a bug with this use case in certain conditions.

I tested it with Mopidy (Mopidy 2.1.0 on Debian Testing) instance + Desktop/Darkness, I will test it with Mpd later.

  • clear youe queue

  • goto personalized radio, add recently added tracks (random)

  • let it play

  • go to Mopidy playlist (not your internet radio stations)

  • add a playlist

  • it does not replace the playlist, it just queues the songs.

  • clearing the playlist from customized radio playlist, seems to make it go back to standard cd play


That's the expected behaviour when playing personalised radio. There are arguments both ways I guess but essentially personalised radio 'takes over' the play queue. I can see where you're coming from though, I'll give it some thought.

gerroon · · author

Ok that kind of makes sense.

In that case I am kind of neutral on this situation. But would not it make more sense if the user adds addiotonal songs via the personalized radio tracsk, it just adds to queue? If the user goes out of the personalized radio means and starts adding from regular playlists and library tracks, then it should go back to replacing behavior?


I'll think about it. You do have a point, but it has repurcussions across all the skins, it makes more sense in some than others.

gerroon · · author

Thanks, you seems to be a super reasonable developer :) Some devs always blame users for misunderstanding their apps :)


I'm always keen to hear suggestions. Developing Rompr is my creative outlet so it's all about ideas :)

gerroon · · author

That is a great attitude. Thanks