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Jaffy DOS on VirtualC64 #4

I remember seeing some pictures of JaffyDOS in some old github discussion while it was running on VirtualC64 ...

Could someone tell me, step by step, how do I install the JaffyDOS in VirtualC64 and what kind of roms are required and where I can download them ?

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...or, you can download JiffyDOS_Kernal.bin

Than you have to upload this file (rename it jaffy.bin) [you can use Droid64 on Mac]

Untitled 4.png

than into the emulator run the patcher:

Untitled 6.png

At this point you had already renamed the file that you have downloaded to jaffy.bin as in the screenshot:

Untitled 8.png

After a while change colours, and settings if you need it:

Untitled 10.png

At last, the emulator will reset but in the disk you'll find the new needed .bin (to be extracted and used in VirtualC64 as rom [to extract use DROID64 or Dirmaster on PC]) be continued (...and verified ! ;-) )

Rename the VirtualC64 ROM folder (where you have saved your C64 roms) in order to force the emulator for asking the path for the new roms, than drag&drop the roms with the new jaffy patched kernal extracted from .d64 (use DROID64).
In VirtualC64 one can drag&drop the jaffy patched kernal [in the ROMS selection window] without changing the name...
...I have chosen green/black screen in the setup but you can customize while converting the rom under the emulator program (Jaffy patcher or similar).

Run the VirtualC64:

Schermata 2018-11-12 alle 23.37.36.png