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Where do I find compatible Rom images? #3

VirtualC64 requires four Rom images to run (Kernel, Basic, Character, and VC1541). Due to copyright uncertainties, these Rom images are not included in the download package. However, obtaining these Roms is easy! VirtualC64 is compatible with all Roms that come with the common emulators such as VICE, Hoxs64, or Frodo. E.g., if you download VICE, you find the Rom images at

  • data/C64/kernel
  • data/C64/basic
  • data/C64/chargen
  • data/DRIVES/dos1541

When VirtualC64 is started the first time, these images can be added via drag and drop. VirtualC64 will remember where the files are located and load them automatically from now on.

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