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SSL giving error

This is a basic ssl communication issue when dealing with Oracle. This is "below" the JasperReportsIntegration and even APEX.

Here is a simple check to make sure the SSL wallet is referenced correctly:

user_install.sql giving error


For the ACLs you have a sample script to allow them.
In the documentation you will find instructions for running it with SSL:

Generally speaking, sin...

user_install.sql giving error


please use the latest release and make the following change in the file xlib_http.pks in line 39:

HTTP_VERSION_1_1 constant VARCHAR2(64) := 'HTTP/1.1'; -- #123


HTTP_VERSION_1_1 VARCHAR2(64) := 'HTTP/1.1'; -- #123

So, basically, when you...

user_install.sql giving error

I will have a look later today. Still busy. First I need to set up an environment so that I can test it ... on an older release. Please bear with me. Thanks. Want to make sure, it works flawlessly this time.

user_install.sql giving error

Release 2.4 is very old.

Did you run the script: sys_install_acl_12_and_above.sql ?

You need to use the exact same configuration as what you want to call via the url. For example, when you want to access then you should configure the ACLs to allow ,...

user_install.sql giving error

I don't mind at all ... keep 'em coming :).

Thank you.

user_install.sql giving error

You are absolutely right ... will have to revisit it. For the most part this is still valid, I don't use any specific higher-version features.

Thank you again!

user_install.sql giving error

Thank you for raising this.

I don't have an old database version currently because I switched machines.
I did remove the reference to the 1.1 http version constant ... and it compiles on Oracle 21c.
Will have a look at it next week.

Best, Dietmar.

Edit JRI file from ORacle Apex application


are you looking for a full-blown replacement for TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio? Or do you have a limited use-case?
After a brief search for HTML/Javascript alternatives (which I could integrate into APEX) I have only found the following: https://fileproi...

Error when using a collection as a parameter at the URL



I am not sure, I fully understand the use case.

Can you post a simplified version of the pl/sql call and also the SQL query in the .jrxml report file?
That Java code doesn't really make sense to me.

You should have a SQL query in the report, right?

Can this (JRI) be used as APEX "report Printing" option.

No, not at the moment.I did build an integration into it in the past, but never made it into production. Conceptionally it should work. Nevertheless, the report has to be built differently. The data source would have to be XML, which is fed into the repo...

NoClassDefFoundError net.sf.jasperreports.engine.util.jrstyledtextparser

This typically indicates a missing font in the environment of the Tomcat (or other J2EE) server. You need to install all required fonts on that machine locally so that they are accessible by JasperReports.

Integrate and Call Jasper Reports From Oracle APEX


The proof is in the pudding. Whatever works for you.
Actually, the file setenv.bat needs to be created first, it does not exist after installation. But this is a typical (and well documented) way to configure Tomcat.


Why not call reports directly through URL instead of using xlib_jasperreports.show_report?

Well, xlib_jasperreports.show_report() will form the URL AND execute the report through the database backend using UTL_HTTP. Thus, the call to the Tomcat (where jri.war resides) is done from the database, NOT the client browser.

So, basically, the dat...

[SOLVED] SELECT IN clause on JasperReports

Hi everyone!

Recently I sent an e-email to Mr. Dietmar asking how use an IN clause on my SQL Query. He kindly answer me to put my doubt in GitQ in order to get help from JasperReportsIntegration community.Well, meanwhile I could solve the problem ...

Integrate and Call Jasper Reports From Oracle APEX

Hi @kashifsbr ,

I guess I would try setting it through the file setenv.bat in the Tomcat bin directory, similar to this:

Greenshot 2022-12-02 11.59.43.png


how to create xlib_jasperreports packgae

Do you still have this problem, @farooqmalik ?
Seems to be an installation issue.
Please comment.
Thank you.

Direct printing from JRI and Apex

Sure, just call


without displaying the blob.

The get_report() call will simply return the generated file as a BLOB.

Testing Jetty server

No, everything is fine. It shows you that the application "JasperReportsIntegration" is available and started. You are good to go :).

I might update the documentation so that people don't get confused.

JasperReportsIntegration- Dont Work with Oracle21c XE

Hi @oegidio,

did you try @DavidGhedini 's suggestion and tested the username/password combination?

Anyhow, I would recommend trying a newer release, it might work better with newer Java versions:

Why not call reports directly through URL instead of using xlib_jasperreports.show_report?

Sure, you can do it. But it is less secure. For public reports this could be fine.
Typically, in an enterprise context, you would want to control access to your reports and data.

Thus, you want to be able to identify a user (authentication) and then cont...

Direct printing from JRI/Apex without showing the PDF in browser?

Hi Dietmar,

just tested your code.
It works perfectly for me.

Many thanks,

Using Calibri/customized Fonts in PDF generation

Hi @SubhajeetG ,

sorry that it took so long.

I have investigated it and tested a bit more. The easiest instructions are these:

Once you have exported your font extension into a file...