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user_install.sql giving error


For the ACLs you have a sample script to allow them.
In the documentation you will find instructions for running it with SSL:

Generally speaking, sin...


user_install.sql giving error


please use the latest release and make the following change in the file xlib_http.pks in line 39:

HTTP_VERSION_1_1 constant VARCHAR2(64) := 'HTTP/1.1'; -- #123


HTTP_VERSION_1_1 VARCHAR2(64) := 'HTTP/1.1'; -- #123

So, basically, when you...


user_install.sql giving error

I will have a look later today. Still busy. First I need to set up an environment so that I can test it ... on an older release. Please bear with me. Thanks. Want to make sure, it works flawlessly this time.


Unable to generate .csv file. PDF and xlsx work fine

Hi @flbessa ,

it will be released in a few days.

In the meantime, you can use the following files, they will be identical to what will be released later:


error when Calling Multi Data-source from Oracle Apex

bug enhancement help wanted

Hi @msami07,

I designed the integration for a single Oracle db-connection, your use case is not expected.
Can you use database links to your SQL Server database? This is the typical workaround in those cases in the "Oracle world".


Exception on Test Report

help wanted

As the error code suggests, the connect string to the database is wrong. Please double check. If it still doesn't work then post your config file without the password.