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Report output is blank

Wonderful, glad it works now.

Keep in mind, when you deploy files (source .jrxml and compiled .jasper file) the timestamps will be checked. If the .jrxml is newer than the .jasper file OR the .jasper files does not exist, the .jrxml will be used and t...

Report output is blank

Don't see any issue.


  • post the url that is generated (without the hostname for security)
  • run the test.jrxml which is included in the distribution
  • post a screenshot of the output
  • post the logfile from rendering the test.jrxml


Direct printing from JRI and Apex

Hi @charlyschmid,

with that little information, it is really hard to troubleshoot. Could be so many different issues, even typos.

Typically, the report is sent to the queue ... things can go wrong from there.

In order to troubleshoot, I would


Direct printing from JRI and Apex

Hi @LSoriana,

please pardon my late response.

Did you figure it out?
If not, please do also post a screenshot of the output from the printer diagnostics.
Also, check the logfile on the Tomcat, i.e. catalina.out, if you can see anything there.

Thank you~Di...

Compatibility with Apex 5.1.1

Hi Tullio,

yes. It will work with pretty much any APEX version because it is "just" a pl/sql API that communicates with the J2EE server running the custom war file jri.war.

There is an APEX test application, though. This application helps you to chec...

error when Calling Multi Data-source from Oracle Apex

bug enhancement help wanted

Hi @msami07,

I designed the integration for a single Oracle db-connection, your use case is not expected.
Can you use database links to your SQL Server database? This is the typical workaround in those cases in the "Oracle world".

FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

Good that you have it working but I don't understand what you have changed and how you are running it.
Anyhow, glad you could fix it.


FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

I don't know where you went wrong. But you can use the jetty as is.

I still believe it is a privilege / access issue.

FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

Would it be possible to use jri without tomcat in relation to apex? That in the conditions in which jri starts on port 8090 and seems to see and recognize the database?

I am sorry, but I don't understand the question.

You don't need to install Tom...

FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

Hhhm. Perhaps there is some security software involved? Some live virus checker disallowing access to this file for some reason? Or another hardening of the system?

FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

I am sorry, but I can only work with the information that I have:

  • you managed to install on other systems, thus you generally understand how it works.
  • And the software works as well in general.
  • Thus, there is something different on this Wind...

FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

The log indicates it might be a privilege issue with the file?
Can you check that?

Greenshot 2021-11-16 15.17.18.png


FAIL - Application at context path [/JasperReportsIntegration] could not be started

help wanted

Not specific enough.

Which version of JRI and what is the error? Please post the relevant part from the logfile in Tomcat.

Exception on Test Report

help wanted

As the error code suggests, the connect string to the database is wrong. Please double check. If it still doesn't work then post your config file without the password.

Class Not Found Error WIth Custom Visualization

Can you provide the files for a simple test case? Please use a query on user_objects, e.g.

select count(*) cnt, object_type 
  from user_objects
 group by object_type

Thank you.
I am still on vacation so I might have a look next week.

Could not connect via JDBC: Unable to start the Universal Connection Pool: oracle.ucp.UniversalConnectionPoolException: Cannot get Connection from Datasource: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28000: The account is locked.


I don't quite understand. The error message says the account is locked. You need do unlock it.
Connect as a dba user (SYS, SYSTEM, etc.) and issue:

alter user <username> account unlock;

Then restart the Tomcat so that the connection pool is rebui...

IP-Adress limitation

yes, that would certainly work. It is recorded in the logfile.

I guess I would have run the following statement from within the database (using sqlcl, SQL Developer or something similar):

select httpuritype('http://localhost:8080/jri').getclob() from...

IP-Adress limitation

You can see the ip address that is being tested against here: Greenshot 2021-04-03 13.57.29.png

IP-Adress limitation

Yes, it is an ip address ... just vor IPv6, not IPv4.

See here for reference:

IP-Adress limitation

Hi @sellexx-stephan,

yes, you are right. I changed the parameter name and fixed it in almost all places.

The right setting is: ipAddressesAllowed

The documentation was correct, though: , especially in the section .