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Html in generated pdf html data differs from Jaspersoft studio #70


We are trying to print generated html. In the Apex application the customer should be able to set the salutation and first sentence. For this we use the Rich Text Editor - html fieldtype.

When we use:

<p>Sehr geehrte %CONTACTPERSON%,</p>
<p>Wir bedanken uns für Ihre Anfrage und senden Ihnen gerne unser unverbindliches Angebot zu.</p>
<p>Der Preis gilt vom %VALID_FROM% bis zum %VALID_FROM%</p>

It shows like this in de JasperIntegration pdf output

It shows oke in Jaspersoft Studio like this:

Basically JasperIntegration doesn't start a new paragraph on a new line and Jaspersoft Studio does.
Is there a way to generate the text via JasperIntegration Like JaspersoftStudio?

We are using the Jasperintegration 2.10.1 (6.20.0) and Studio 6.20.6

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