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Multiple file output #65

Please tell me how to output multiple jasper reports with different parameters at the same time.

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Hi @yk652,

please elaborate a bit on your use case, I don't fully understand it yet.

In the browser, you can only display one PDF at the time.
Thus, do you want to ...

  1. Print several files directly to a printer?
  2. Store several files on the server?
  3. Generate a BLOB for each PDF and store them in a database table?
  4. Just generate the BLOBS and generate a .zip file with all the PDFs on-the-fly?

Generally speaking, I guess you are shooting for use case 3. Then, I would use the function get_report() instead of show_report(). This way, you get a BLOB returned and can do pretty much everything you want with it.

Since the call is handled synchronously, you can call get_report() multiple times using different parameter. Each call will return the BLOB of the resulting PDF.

Hope that helps,