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JRI Path Reports to S3 on AWS #64

I'm thinking, would it be possible to store Jasper files (my reports) in S3 (AWS) and access them from jri.war in the Tomcat web server? Because I want to have two instances with a load balancer? and share the same reports.

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Hi @oegidio,

good question.
Is it possible to "mount" the AWS directory as a regular filesystem on your Tomcat server?
Then you can use the reportsPath parameter in the configuration file:

# report definition files will be looked up in the following order as
#   specified by the reportsPath, e.g.: 
#     Linux/macOS: reportsPath=../reports,/path/to/reports1,/path/to/reports2,/path/to/reports3
#     Windows: reportsPath=..\\reports,c:\\path\\to\\reports1,c:\\path\\to\\reports2,c:\\path\\to\\reports3
#   If the reportsPath is left empty or not defined, then the default is "../reports" (*nix) or
#      "..\\reports" (windows) respectively, will start from the location of the (this)
#      file

Alternatively, you could run a job on each application server to copy the current version of the reports your your local Tomcat instance. Not ideal, but a possible workaround.