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Edit JRI file from ORacle Apex application #52


Hello readers,
I need to edit JRI file from Oracle Apex without editing it in Jasper Tibco editor, but don't know is it possible.
What do I want:
HAve some predefined printing report with predefined fields where I have to put some data.
then need to have some fields on oracle apex application where I can set position of my data on my designed report.
e.x. My title is to high in report and I need to set his position to be more down or left/right, or my data is out of wanted field on report.

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are you looking for a full-blown replacement for TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio? Or do you have a limited use-case?
After a brief search for HTML/Javascript alternatives (which I could integrate into APEX) I have only found the following:

But generally, this is not possible or at least would take a lot of work.
Why do you want this ... why is Jaspersoft Studio not an option?

Thank you