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Integrate and Call Jasper Reports From Oracle APEX #43


Please Provide detailed step by step guide that how to integrate and Call Jasper Report from Oracle Apex I'm new to Apex and Jasper Reporting.
My Environment is,
APEX 22.1.4
ORDS 22.2
Oracle DB 21c XE
APEX is working fine,
Now I have to Create Reports in Jasper Studio,
I Also have
Jasper Studio 6.20 Community Edition
Jasper Report Server 8.0 Community Edition
I Have created a test report in Jasper Studio (in connection with Oracle DB), and Successfully published on Jasper Report Server, Now i want to Call this report using APEX environment. Please guide.

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Hi @kashifsbr,

is anything missing in the documentation?

Did you read the installation and usage instructions?
Did you install the sample application?


kashifsbr · Author

Thank you, I was missing link to this document.
I have configured the Jasper Integration with APEX/ORDS on Apache Tomcat Server.

I have an other question not related to Jasper reporting, the reason for asking that might you can give some hints to handle the situation,
as I have already told my Environment details,
Windows 11
APEX 22.1.4
ORDS 22.2
just Moved ORDS to Apache tomcat server version 9.x,
I have To set the Configuration folder Path on ORDS startup, I have done this using windows environment variable, <JAVA_TOOLS_OPTION>
right now its working fine with these settings.
Is there any option to add this path in apache tomcat configuration file, (like web.xml), if yes please tell me How can i do this.


Hi @kashifsbr ,

I guess I would try setting it through the file setenv.bat in the Tomcat bin directory, similar to this:

Greenshot 2022-12-02 11.59.43.png


kashifsbr · Author

Dear @daust
Thanks for the reply,
setenv.bat not found in the bin directory,
Any how I have resolved this problem by setting the values using Tomcat-Service Properties window.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 130719.png
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The proof is in the pudding. Whatever works for you.
Actually, the file setenv.bat needs to be created first, it does not exist after installation. But this is a typical (and well documented) way to configure Tomcat.



@kashifsbr can I get your contact? I need your help


@daust I have followed all steps but integration test fails as shown in below screenshot. Please help.
Screenshot 2023-05-13 114833.png

kashifsbr · Author

How you setup Database Connection?
Please Share the related information. your complete environment details.


@daust Kindly check your email I have followed your steps but still direct printing is not working


@daust my whatsapp no +923015887156
can I have your whatsapp no ?


@kashifsbr Can we have short call for quick overview for my environment?
Please whatsapp me +923015887156