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Java version error? #39


We are doing a new install on a new server, everything seems to be working fine, we can connect with the database without any issue


However, we are getting this error when running the test report


This is our current configuration


Everything is on Oracle Linux 8, Tomcat 9.0.64, OpenJDK

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm afraid is not working either. I'm getting the same error

jaspser2.9_config.png tomcat2.9_error.png


I also tried with JDK version 17 and still the same error.


Hello again

Just to inform that I was able to run the test successfully with Java version 16, keeping JRI on version 2.8.1

Best regards.


Hi @jeanomobono ,

thank you for trying these different things.
Currently, I am at a conference in Chicago, traveling. I will be back next week.

Anyhow, is has become an increasing challenge to satisfy these different versions of Java, and even Tomcat. In Tomcat10, major apis have been renamed.

But I will look into this.

The way to go should be to use the latest versions of each software ... but many companies are slow to adopt for their own reasons.

So this poses a huge challenge for me.

What versions should I focus on? I cannot maintain versions for different JDK / Tomcat combinations.

Thank you


Hi @daust

I think I speak for everyone on this forum when I say just "Thank you" for this amazing work you are doing. We know that working on these projects can be a huge task.

In my case, I will try to adapt to what is available.

Thanks again.


Hi @jeanomobono,

I really appreciate your comment - many thanks for that.
I appreciate your approach and I typically do the same - for myself.

Nevertheless, I am here to help also those, who have more trouble adapting and finding alternative ways.
I will have a look later at the original issue.

Thanks again


Hi @jeanomobono,

I am currently looking into this. Also, I will focus on supporting the current LTS JDK releases:

Anyway, I do have a question for you. When looking into the specifics of your issue, I see the following:

  • you were using Java 18
  • during report rendering an on-the-fly compilation was triggered (either a .jrxml file and no .jasper or the .jrxml was younger than the .jasper file).

This was causing the Java error down the road.

So, my question is, was there anything specific about the .jrxml report file? Perhaps using a Java class inside of it? I see "calulator_test_...." as a source unit.

Just trying to get a proper test case for it.

Should you have a simple test case (based on USER_OBJECTS for example), please provide it.


I could reproduce the issue. By replacing the groovy-3.0.7 library with 3.0.12 it seems to work with JDK17. Will be included in the next release.



Good to know that you were able to replicate the issue. If it's any good, I was just testing the demo reports that came already preinstalled.