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Class Not Found Error WIth Custom Visualization #27


Jaspersoft Studio 6.4.0,
Java-Runtime-Version: 1.8.0_191
JasperReports-Version: 6.4.1

Is there any support for custom visualizations? Or am I just doing something wrong (quite new to Jasper Reports and JRI) I have loaded a report with a Radial Progress Visualization, and one without. The one without loads fine through the apex test app and through the JRI Test report page. The one with the Custom Visualization has the following error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Class not found when loading object from file: /home/jasper_reports/reports/compliance.jasper.
de.oc.utils.Utils.throwRuntimeException(Unknown Source)
de.oc.integration.jasper.webapp.ReportWrapper.service(Unknown Source)

I do not have any special classes called out in the code, viewing the source, the only classes that I can see are the basic Java classes java.lang.string, integer, float.

Would I have to install phantomJS, or is it already in the libraries, if i have to install it, where do i install it and what would i need to put in the configuration file? Thanks.

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Can you provide the files for a simple test case? Please use a query on user_objects, e.g.

select count(*) cnt, object_type 
  from user_objects
 group by object_type

Thank you.
I am still on vacation so I might have a look next week.