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IP-Adress limitation #23

in the file ...\conf\ are two parameters for ip adress limitation:

see excerpt of code:
this parameter is limiting access to the integration for the
specified list of ip addresses, e.g.:
if the list is empty, ALL addresses are allowed

which of the two parameters is to be used? Or both? what is the difference? Can't find it in the docu.

Thanks for making clear

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Thank you for your update.

Now what does the 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 in the last line of the block mean? It does not look like an IP address.


You can see the ip address that is being tested against here: Greenshot 2021-04-03 13.57.29.png


Thank you, Dietmar Aust


some more feedback:
I had some difficulty about how to find the correct IP-Address to be put in file, Parameter ipAddressesAllowed. This happened in an installation where both, the Oracle-DB and JRI, are on the same machine.

The problem:
while the line in the Configuration Info (see image above, highlighted in green) gives for localhost, the Oracle-DB, ACL-system, uses the IPv6-address of the host.

Solution which did help me:
tomcat does log the connections: right after the try to open a report I look in the file ...\tomcat\logs\localhost_access_log.yyyy-mm-dd.txt (there ist one file per day having the actual date in its name). In the last line (if there was no other connection inbetween) I recognize the GET to open the report. First entry in that line ist the IP-address which oracle-ACL did use to GET the report from jri. It added this IP address in ipAddressesAllowed, restarted tomcat ... and the report did show up!

Observed under:
Win Server 2016 Standard (in a VMWare VM)
tomcat 9.0.44
JRI 2.7.0
Oracle DB 12c Standard Edition,


yes, that would certainly work. It is recorded in the logfile.

I guess I would have run the following statement from within the database (using sqlcl, SQL Developer or something similar):

select httpuritype('http://localhost:8080/jri').getclob() from dual;

This will show the homepage as requested by the database (as a http client).