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Use JasperReportIntegration 2.4.0 with JasperStudio 6.12 #10


Good Morning Mr Dietmar Aust

i have a question about the opportunity to use JasperReportIntegration 2.4.0 with Reports created in Jasperstudio 6.12. I know that the best option would be to use a JasperStudio 6.4.0 but in your experience it's possibile change the jars of the jasperstudiointegrators in webinf/lib and try to use the report created with this newest version of JasperStudio?

Thank you for the help!

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Hi @vincfiorentino,

this will become a lot easier. I have just released a new version:, please give it a try and report any issues here:

The build process is now simplified so that I can update to any new jasperreports libraries way quicker. Also, once I implement this feature ( it will even compile the .jrxml files on the fly and thus you don't need the correct binary version any more.


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