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Hello all,

I have installed the integration(v2.4.0.0) in my Apex( installation.

I can run all the integration tests successfully but when I try to duplicate the results with a button calling the pre-render procedure. The page only refreshes but no report is retrieved. If I manually generate the url and hardcode it to a button in the UI then it generates the appropriate report. The hard coding is of course not desirable.

Tomcat Version 9.0.8
OS Windows 10
Oracle 11g Express Edition

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First thing: button should be link to page for example P99
Next thing: You can pass some values with thatbutton and after that zou can call different reports
Important thing is to make new proces in page 99 and execute them before header...
Process shoud have procedure something likde this:


-- construct addional parameter list

l_additional_parameters := '&p_parameter_1=' || apex_util.url_encode(:P99_partameter_1);
l_additional_parameters := l_additional_parameters || '&p_parameter2=' || apex_util.url_encode(:P99_parameter2);

-- call the report and pass parameters
test3.xlib_jasperreports.show_report (p_rep_name => l_rep_name,---conditional dynamicly change name of report
p_rep_format => xlib_jasperreports.c_rep_format_pdf,
p_data_source => 'default',
p_out_filename => l_rep_name||'.pdf',
p_additional_params => l_additional_parameters);

///All your reports should be under path: *WINDOWS" C: or any other location .....Apache Software Foundation\TomcatX\webapps\JasperReportsIntegration\WEB-INF\reports\rep1 or rep2...etc

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jbarros00A · Author

Hi @daust , thank you for the follow up. I will modify the code this week and report back. Much grateful for the assistance @rajkogojkovic