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Classic Shell mirror downloading

Thanks for your understanding :thumbsup: :relaxed:

Classic Shell mirror downloading

It's not much of a deal right now, as I gather there are a couple months to go before Ivo pulls the plug on his site.
People can still download all their favorite old user skins from there until then.

I can imagine it took a lot of time, and no doubt many ...

Classic Shell mirror downloading


Unfortunately it was generated by site mirror program, it will require enormous effort to correct all of those errors which generated by software or re-mirror the whole site.It's due to the forum software use php file to generate downloadin...

Classic Shell mirror downloading

Hello.I see there is a mirror of Thank you coddec.It will come in handy when the original site goes down forever.If one downloads an old user made .skin, .skin7 or .zip from this Github Archive,for example, "Metro", the download file becomes "fi...

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"Move" from Classic Shell

Yes, currently Classic Start can take xml file generated from Classic Shell.

"Move" from Classic Shell

Yes I backed up my Classic Shell to xml and then uninstalled with windows programs and features rebooted then after installing Classic Start, restored that xml in classic Start

Good luck for this project!! Classic forever ! ! ! ! !

and many thanks for keeping up this fantastic W complement.


Background of Classic Start


Classic Start was forked from Classic Shell which was found by Ivo Beltchev and halted development later, announced at :

Classic Shell website: of Classic Shell website: Classic Shel...

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