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selfCollision test

Hi Prof. Hauser,

I am currently using and to detect selfCollision for a given robot model in c++ environment. However, it seems to me that the results given to me from these two functions are not correct. For example, I have the robot's configurat...

Get Robot Acceleration from Controller

Hi Prof. Hauser,

Is there a direct way to get the robot acceleration vector after I apply a certain type of Klampt controller? I think that on the very low-level controller will act like a local PID controller for each joint, so there should be some funct...

Signed Distance Field with MeshToImplicitSurface_FMM

Hi Prof. Hauser,

I would like to use the MeshToImplicitSurface_FMM function provided in KrisLibrary to compute signed distance fields of uneven terrains. However, this computation always fails due to mesh.triNeighbors.... error. The failure output is

Change the low-level reference using SetPIDCommand

Yes! Thank you very much for the help. I have successfully commanded the controller to behave in a way that I want. The main idea is to cast the default simulation controller into a and then use method to adjust the new configuration reference. Some sa...

Change the low-level reference using SetPIDCommand

Yeah, I have tried to see this visualization and this desired configuration should be feasible.
Take the athlete_fractal_1.xml as an example. The plots of these two configurations are as follows:



Then I compare two methods to ...

Change the low-level reference using SetPIDCommand

Hi Prof. Hauser,

I am not pretty clear about how to change the low-level configuration reference with SetPIDCommand function. For example, if I have two configurations:

  1. config_init is the initial robot configuration.
  2. is the new goal configu...

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