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JasperReportsIntegration- Dont Work with Oracle21c XE

The error is "invalid username/password"
Did you check this? Did you try resetting the user/pass?

New JRI Publisher Features

Hi @daust -
Excellent - thanks so much!

New JRI Publisher Features

Hi -

JRI Publisher 2.6.2 is now available, along with some new features:

  1. One-click JNDI support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MSSQL
  2. HTML Email Templates

Repo: https://github.com/DavidGhedini/jri-publisher
Docs: https://jripub.davidghedini.com


topic was trashed

New JRI Module for Webmin


Hi @daust
I've tested with 2.6.2 and everything works well, including JNDI set up.
I've updated the release on Github as well.

JasperReportsIntegration connection test not working with JNDI

waiting for reply from reporter

Hi -For the current JRI Publisher release we'll stick with inserting PGSQL, MSSQL, and MySQL into /tomcat/conf/context.xmlI've updated our Release numbers to match your own (if that's OK).When it changes in 2.6.2, we'll update the module accordingly. We h...

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Can't add Github organizations?


I don't see the options on my Organizations Setting page.
It displays my existing Slack authorization and nothing else.
The only other option is to Remove Restrictions.